About Dual Aperture International

Dual Aperture International Co. Ltd. is a joint venture of Dual Aperture, Inc. and the Center for Integrated Smart Sensors (CISS), the leading research institution in Korea. The new entity is positioned to lead innovation within the imaging technology space and enable the groundbreaking smart sensor technology on multiple platforms and devices.

With its proprietary dual-apertured RGB-IR sensor technology and algorithms, DAI utilizes 3D image capturing and other imaging enhancements to create a multi-functional, low cost smart sensor technology that can be integrated into many consumer, automotive, and industrial products. DAI's unique depth and gesture tracking will also empower mobile camera-based applications to explore new dimensions of user experience.

CISS is dedicated to technological advancement with approximately $10 million in annual government funding to support advancement in smart sensor technology. CISS assembled a team of more than 30 industry veterans and graduate students in camera and image research to support Dual Aperture International. With such support, more than 500 research engineers including professors, research professors, and graduate students can contribute to R&D projects in various areas such as biological, medical, vehicle, environment, camera, and mobile sensors.

Our Team

David D. Lee


Prof. Chong-Min Kyung


Dr. Chung Kon Ko


Andrew Wajs

Chief Architect

Our Board

David D. Lee


Prof. Chong-Min Kyung

Board Member

I.B. Jeon

Board Member

CS Chung

Chair of Audit Committee

Our Advisors

Professor Hae-Seung Lee, Director of MIT's Center of Integrated Circuits and Systems and Associate Director of MTL

Philippe Tarbouriech, Photographer and technologist

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